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Maintain Futures

The Futures Months are used extensively in the Futures Position of the system for calculating the Net Position. The following data entry screen allows the entry, maintenance and deletion of Futures Hedged in Chicago. If you add or maintain Futures…

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Option Months

The Option Months Table is designed as a lookup table for Contract Entry and Maintenance. The Option Month field is retrieved from this table and placed in the Contract File dependent on the Commodity. The user can maintain the following…

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FOB Points

Delivery Types - User Defined Delivery types for use in contracts and Shipping orders Location Zones - User defined list of zones which the Locations can be associated Location Details - locations used in conjunction with Delivery types on contracts…

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Location Master

The Location Master File allows the user to create new locations for use with Inventory and Ticket Entry. Once a location has been added the user CANNOT delete that location this is to ensure data integrity!

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Grain Defaults

Grain Defaults Tables required for Ticket set-up Protein Loan GL Account Test Wt. State/Prov CCFM Drying Pick Tax Rules Variety   The system relies on the data entered in the Grain Tables, especially the Grain defaults Table. The Grain Tables…

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Address Book

The Address Book is used to keep a record of all Customers, Vendors, and Contacts for the entire System. The Financials, A/R and A/P use the same file this means that the Names and addresses need only be entered in…

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