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Market Data & Cash Bids

Grainview users (both you and your customers) now have access to 15-minute delayed CBOT data, under the 'Cash Bids' menu item on or the Grainview app. GMS users can now share basis information directly with Grainview users through the…

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Pictures on Tickets

You can now attach up to 2 pictures to each tickets (gross, tare). These pictures can be either from live camera feeds, static photos, or scanned documents. Here is a quick video about that process.

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SMS Direction

You can now SMS directions straight from GMS.In the address book, under the Map tab is the ability to text the google map link and well and the directions to any North American number. At the end of the year,…

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Commodity Processing

GMS allows you to process commodities.  You can now Roast Soybeans, Blend Milk Replacement with Corn and more. You can move any combination of existing commodities into any other combination of commodities. For example, Here is a new recipe for…

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Auto Cleaning

GMS now allows you to automatically clean incoming loads. For each commodity, you may now¬†assign incoming dockage to particular commodities and collect a percentage of that dockage as inventory. Let's see an example.¬† Here we have set 80% of all…

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