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Grain Defaults

Grain Defaults

Tables required for Ticket set-up

Protein Loan GL Account Test Wt. State/Prov
CCFM Drying Pick Tax Rules Variety


The system relies on the data entered in the Grain Tables, especially the Grain defaults Table. The Grain Tables are maintained in a Tabbed Notebook screen. Each tab can be clicked to display the appropriate table.
The Commodity selection Grid on the left lists all the Commodities available. These can be selected from the list to show the details.

To add a Commodity

  • New Commodity button – the system will create a new commodity for which you will need to enter other commodity related information such as drying tables.
  • Copy Commodity button – the system will copy all relevant information, including all discount tables, from the currently highlighted commodity into a New Commodity

The following fields are used:

  • COMMODITY – The code for the Commodity
  • FULL DESCRIPTION – The long description for the Commodity. Used in some reports.
  • MASTER COMMODITY – The master label groups specific commodities into broader headings for reports like the CHECKOFF REPORT or the BUSINESS REPORTS. Think of ip soybeans grouped into soybeans.
    If this commodity is unique and doesn’t need to be grouped in this way, you might want to choose OTHER label.
  • ELECTRONIC REPORTING – A list of outside organizations this commodity can be reported to through an electronic integration with GMS. There may not be any in your region.
  • CHECKOFF PERCENT – If you are required to pay a marketing board fee for this commodity in your region that is priced as a percent, that percent is entered in this box.
  • DEFAULT PRICE /T – Used as the default price in ticket entry only if Bushel pricing is UN-checked.
  • DEFAULT PRICE/BU – Used as default price on Ticket entry if Bushel Price checkbox is checked.
  • BUSHELS / MT – The number used for all conversions from Tonnes to Bushels
  • Lbs. / BUSHEL – The number used for all conversions from Pounds to Bushels
  • INDEMNITY FACTOR – As with Checkoff factor this will calculate an indemnity payment of Price + Premium less Grading Deductions.
  • HANDLE IN – The default elevation charge on inbound Grain
  • HANDLE OUT – The default elevation charged on Outbound Grain
  • % ALLOW DOCKAGE – The percentage allowed before dockage + FM is calculated. E.g. a value of 1 will start docking only at 1.1 %.
  • MARKETED UNIT – The units this commodity is sold in.
  • UNITS SENT TO ACCOUNTING – When the optional module to connect to an announting system is used. This setting determines what units are used to send to an accounting system, these are the units all transactions are send in.
  • BUSHELS FOR CHARGES / PRICING – If this check box is checked ALL Pricing and deductions for this Commodity are in Bushels.
  • Apply Checkoff as a % – Check this box for Checkoff calculated on price
  • Apply Indemnity as % – Indemnity is calculated on price.
  • Checkoff Factor – Used to calculate Checkoff as a factor of Price + Premium less Grading deductions if Apply Checkoff % is checked e.g. a value of 0.005 will give ½ a cent on the dollar discount.
  • Apply Pick Charges – This checkbox permits the use of the pick charge table if checked.
  • Affect Pick Tonnage – This checkbox works in conjunction with the pick charges. If this is checked there will be NO weight deduction although Pick charges will apply for the selected Commodity.

Storage Details

The storage details allow the user to set up the way storage charges will apply. The Start Date permits FREE storage up to that date, and thereafter the daily rate will apply if the After Last Load is ZERO. If the After Last Load is greater than ZERO it will override the Start Date and apply the daily rate x days after the last load.

  • $ per Day – The daily storage charge to apply
  • Start Date – The date that Storage charges will apply from
  • Expiry Date – The date that the grain must be out of storage
  • After Last Load – The number of days after the last load to start storage charges.

Grade Discounts

Grade discounts will be applied at the appropriate rate for the following grades. In the case of a Contract for Grade 3 corn the Grade 3 discount will not apply, however if grade 4 corn is received the Grade 4 discount will apply.

  • Grade 2 – discount $ if Grade 2 grain is received or shipped
  • Grade 3 – as above
  • Grade 4 – as above
  • Grade 5 – as above

Processed Commodity

CAUTION – This option should only be used if the commodity is processed (produced by consuming another commodity). There are restrictions placed at ticket entry for this option. The user will only be able to ship grain for a processed commodity.

If the Commodity is processed from raw this group will assess a processing fee and remove the correct Net Dry / T from the elevator based on the processing shrink. The user can determine the raw commodity to be used.

  • Processed – This checkbox should be checked if the commodity is processed.
  • Charge / T – The processing fee for producing the commodity
  • % Shrink – The difference in weight from the raw commodity to the processed grain.
  • From Commodity – The original commodity to be processed (i.e. if the processed commodity is Rolled Corn the From Commodity should be CORN.)

Drying Charge or Discount Price

There are two methods supported for the Drying Charges, a Deduction based on the $ value in the Moisture Table or a % Discount of Price, also from the Moisture Table.

The two checkboxes permit inbound and out bound transactions to be independent methods. If they are checked a Drying charge $ will be used.

Drying Tables

The Standard Drying table contains the shrink factors for both Tons and Metric Tonnes. The factors for all commodities are set to ½ of 1-% invisible loss. The user can change any or all factors as required.

To edit or view the table for a commodity select from the ‘Select Commodity Field’. To Print the current Commodity Table displayed Click on the Print Button and the entire table will be printed.

The following fields will appear in the grid below:

  • MOISTURE – The percentage moisture
  • FACTOR MT – The factor for drying charges in Metric Tonnes
  • FACTOR T – The factor for drying Charges in Tons
  • DRYING /T – The Drying charge per T $
  • DRYING / Bu – Drying charge per bushel (if option activated)
  • DISC. FACTOR MT – The factor for Discount of price drying
  • DISC. FACTOR T – As above
  • DISCOUNT % – The discount percent of the Grain price

Pick Table

Pick was originally created to colour sort white beans, but can be used for other purposes by changing the label to something else and adding a table for it.

  • To add or change the current values simply change them in the grid to the right.
  • To use Pick in tickets.

To edit or view the table for a commodity, select from the ‘Select Commodity Field’. The following fields will appear in the grid below:

  • PICK% – This is the percentage that is looked up from ticket entry.
  • PICK CHARGE / T – This is the charge per Ton or Metric Tonne
  • PICK CHARGE / Bu – Charge per Bushel (if activated)

Taxation Rules

To edit or view the table for a commodity select from the ‘Select State/Prov and Select Commodity Field’. The following check boxes will appear for both State and Federal Tax. If the box is checked the item will be taxed accordingly at ticket entry.

For the example above: Ontario, Canada; commodity CORN the following items will be taxed if there is a dollar value in the respective field at ticket entry.

  1. Drying
  2. Processing
  3. Checkoff
  4. Pick
  5. Handling
  6. Storage
  7. Trucking

There is no State/Prov tax to be applied.

Variety Table

From the drop down list box select the Commodity. In the above example we have chosen RWHEAT. This is Red Wheat that has many varieties. In the displayed grid the first variety listed is Fundulea. Note that the Protein % required checkbox is checked. This relates to ticket entry and creates a link to the Premium Table. The data fields TYPE and COMMODITY are looked up and the $ value associated with the protein % entered at ticket entry is passed to the PREMIUM field.

The following fields are available for each variety:

  1. PROTEIN REQUIRED CHECKBOX – This passes information to the ticket entry program and requires that the Protein Premium Table is correctly entered for this commodity
  2. VARIETY – This field used as a lookup field in ticket entry.
  3. PREMIUM / BU – This field is informational only
  5. CODE – A 3 character code for the variety
  6. POOL – This is for defining specific categories of RWHEAT
  7. POOL DESCRIPTION – Informational only

Protein Premiums

The protein premium table is used in conjunction with the Variety Table.

Loan Repayment Table

Grain GL Accounts Table

Test Weight Table

The test weight table allows the user to set up the grades and discounts as required in the local area. If $0 is entered in the Discount / T then the Grade associated with the Test Weight will appear on the ticket but NO Discount. This screen also permits the CC and Foreign Material discounts to be entered. Again if no $ are in the Charge /T field no discounts will be charged.

State / Province Code Table

CCFM Table

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