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Reset Checkoff

From the Main Grain Menu select System and then Reset Checkoff Flags. This function allows the user to rerun the report. The report date and a Commodity are required. Once the Reset button has been clicked the number of records…

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Checkoff Reports

Select the month end to print the Checkoff's then print. Please note that it can only be printed once, if you accidentally print it and need to unflag the tickets you will need the date you entered and go to…

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Post to AR / AP

If you choose to post tickets in batches you will need to run this screen. From the Main Menu select Tickets -> Create AR/AP Batch and the following Screen will appear: Enter the LAST Ticket number, GMS GENERATED #, (this…

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Ticket Maintenance

When activating the Ticket Maintenance Form the following screen will appear. ALL tickets that are still active will appear in the grid. To the right of the grid there is a "Select Order" box where the user can select the…

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Batch Ticket Entry

Batch Ticket Entry is designed for use in the Office when there is a hand-written numbered Scale ticket. The following example shows a ticket with the weights in metric units. The system uses whatever units the scale uses to determine…

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On-line Ticket Entry

On-line Ticket Entry is designed for use in the Scale Room and contains features to read the Weigh Scales and Moisture Meter. It will also produce a scale ticket for the Customer on update. The following example shows a ticket…

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