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Data Entry Conventions

Data Entry Conventions

When performing Data Entry there are standard keys and buttons. Here is a list of standard items.

Menu Selections

To access items on any Screen you can either click the appropriate topic with the left mouse button, or use the keyboard. When using the keyboard the standard windows convention is used. Alt + the letter underlined. E.g. to access the Tickets drop down menu use Alt-T. Once the list is displayed you only need the letter. E.g. to access On Line Entry simply press the letter O.

Data Navigator Bar

The Navigator bar consists of eight buttons. The above example shows some greyed out and others available to use. The following list describes each button’s function. Left to Right:

  1. First Record (greyed)
  2. Previous Record (greyed)
  3. Next Record
  4. Last Record
  5. Insert Record
  6. Edit Mode
  7. Accept Change (greyed)
  8. Cancel Change (greyed)

Drop down Edit Field

The drop down list can be activated by a mouse click on the down arrow or the keyboard down cursor key. The data may be keyed in from the keyboard if desired.

Data Grid

In the Data Grid example above the cursor up and down arrow keys will allow movement up and down the grid. The right and left cursor keys permit moving right and left on the record. In this example you will see an Order By box. This is available on many grids throughout the GMS2000 system. This will re-sort the records within the grid.

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