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HTA Contracts

HTA Contracts ( Hedge to Arrive contracts )

to enter a HTA contract, enter as you normally would, except you will need to check the HTA button. once this is done the following will happen

  • Basis entry will be disabled
  • a number of the edit tabs will disapear
  • you will be able to split and price the contract and you will be able to roll the HTA contract

to finalize an HTA contract and make it active

  1. Select the edit button on the main detail screen
  2. Unchech the HTA button.
  3. Enter you basis value.
    NOTE: you must tab off the basis value for it to update
  4. Select the SAVE button on the bottom of the page.
  5. To price, switch to the Details tab as usual

this will update the contract lines with the new basis value and re-enable the functionality of the contract screen.

Can I make a non HTA contract into an HTA contract after the fact?

yes, if there are no tickets applied to the contract simply click the edit button clear the basis value then click the HTA button

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