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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q Checkoff Fees are Taxable but Ticket entry does not calculate the tax?

A There are several places that the taxation rules need to be set up. Make sure that the Company Information has the appropriate rate for your taxation requirements; there must be a State/Prov code attached to the Commodity in the Taxation Rules Table and the item must be checked

Q When I try to exit from Batch or On-line Ticket entry screens I get the following error message “Address Information Required” or “Commodity Information Required” how do I exit without having to enter the values?

A You have created a new ticket and assigned a number to it. You must click the Button to cancel the Ticket before you leave the screen. This will NOT destroy the number but it will be available next time you return to the entry screen.

Q Ticket Maintenance will not permit me to change the Address ID; I entered the wrong one at Ticket Entry. How can I change it?

A There are restrictions at maintenance time, To change any information shown in BLUE the Ticket must be voided and re-entered.

Q I do not want to discount the dollars on the ticket for Test Weights How do I do it?

A In the Test Weight table make sure that you have a Zero Value in the charge / T field.

Q The pre-loaded Moisture Tables do not suit my business requirements how can I change them?

A The Moisture tables are calculated for both Canada and the United States based on a formula that gives shrink + an invisible loss of 1%. To change these factors or the $ value associated with it go to the Tables option on the Grain Management Main Menu and select Grain Tables. The Moisture table is the second tab in titled Standard Drying. Ensure the correct commodity is selected and change the required values.

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