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Commodity Processing

GMS allows you to process commodities.  You can now Roast Soybeans, Blend Milk Replacement with Corn and more.

You can move any combination of existing commodities into any other combination of commodities.

For example,

Here is a new recipe for a commodity called HJ-Starter.

It combines 2 T of Corn, 1 T of Soybeans, and 1 T of Milk Replacement to create 4 T of HJ-Starter.  This recipe screen contains the ratios of each of the constituent parts as measured in your units.

When you ‘Bake’ a recipe you choose a multiplier for the recipe.

In this example, we are making a 1/2 (0.5) batch.  So we are using 1 T of Corn, 0.5 T of Soybeans, and 0.5 T of Milk Replacement to create 2T of HJ-Starter.

Additionally, recipes need not be 100% efficient.

For example,

Here is a recipe for RSOY.

It takes 1 T of Soybeans and it converts it to 0.85 T of Roasted Soybeans.

This feature needs to be enabled.  Ask your GMS support representative.


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