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Refactoring. Temporary Holds and Customer Storage

Firstly, let me briefly explain what refactoring is.  Refactoring is a way of improving the internal structure of the code.  It doesnt change the functionality, but it changes the efficiency and correctness.  Refactoring is a continual part of software development and we…

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Email tickets and contracts

You can now use Outlook and GMAIL to email tickets.  (Emailing contracts has been available for sometime) Ensure you have your email setting correct.  Contact support if you are unsure. Make sure the producer has a primary email address. The…

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Loans and Repay

GMS now has the ability to track grain loans and repayments with two new transaction types. When activated elevators can loan grain to producers and notify the operator of the debts whenever the producer returns. Producer debts MUST be repaid…

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